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If you are looking for a good wedding photographer in Brazil that speaks english very well, yeap, that's me! 馃榾

Send me an e-mail, so we can talk more about the details of your wedding.
It聽will be an honnor to eternalize such a special moment.
E-mail: contato@donatofidelis.com
Whatsapp: +55 14 98200-6265

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I bring with me the motto "Alta Fotografia", which means "High Photography"/"Haute Photographie", because I believe that great photos are like jewelry, demanding lots of dedication to deliver an exclusive and high quality product. It鈥檚 a modern photography style that goes beyond the obvious and it鈥檚 made with care and professionalism. It鈥檚 the concern with the details and with everything that my client will experience. My clients are demanding and lovers of beautiful images, and value the records that will tell their stories in the future.
I don鈥檛 only take pictures, or 鈥減ress a Button鈥...I create them.
More than light and composition, I search for something that cannot only be seen by the eyes...I search for the most sincere smile...the sparkle in the eyes...the joy of the soul. I value emotions and spontaneity, searching to register small details of big moments, in a very subtle manner.

A little bit about me...
Another reason for 鈥渉igh photography鈥 is my height ...I鈥檓 6 ft 8 in! Lol
A tall Guy that is always studying more and more to give the best to my clients and earn the right to photograph their memories and generations.
I thank God because He put in my life a wonderful woman, my wife Barbara, and our daughter Alyssa, who gives me lots of funny and joyful moments (I laugh all the time around her).
I鈥檓 literally moved by music, it鈥檚 my fuel, and I believe that the secret of life is balance.


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